A Play, A tale

24.08.2019 - 29.09.2019
i: Exhibition


Exhibition 24 August to 29 September 2019 – A Play A Tale.

The Round Tower’s extensive collection of stories, images and astronomical objects form the common point of departure for the 16 young artists contributing to the exhibition “A Play, A Tale”.

Together they convert the Library Hall into a room for storytelling, exchange and immersion using sculptures, installations, paintings and paper artwork. Throughout the exhibition period there are performances, talks, plays and concerts that will activate the works, as well as workshops on painting and sculpture for children and young people.

The exhibition is created by Aia Sofia Coverley Turan and Benjamin Savi.


The exhibiting artists are:

Casper-Malte Augusta, Stephanie Bech, Gabriel Bott, Blair Swann, Sufie Elmgreen, Erik Hed, Morten Knudsen, Tora Schultz Larsen, Mette Rasmussen, Benjamin Savi, Anna Stahn, Rasmus Styrmer, Rikard Thambert, Iselin Toubro, Aia Sofia Coverley Turan, Mira Winding and Anna Ørberg.