Concert with Rockkoret

23.05.2019 - 24.05.2019
i: Concert

RK RT 2017

Concert with Rockkoret (the Rock Choir) Thursday 23 May and Friday 24 May at 20:00.

Tickets: DKK 125,-/95,-

Rockkoret (the rock choir) – an ambitious, rhythmic a cappella choir – takes choir singing to where they want to be – even if it’s not there where you would normally expect to find a choir. And with 30 singers divided into eight voices, Rockkoret has what it takes to fulfill the ambitions of uncompromising a cappella editions of radio hits from recent years – and it is not just rock.

The songs on the repertoire are all arranged by conductor Christian Berg specifically for Rockkoret, and it consists of songs by artists like Oh Land, Phil Collins, Carpark North, George Michael and others. The audience awaits a special experience when Rockkoret again this year sings in Rundetaarn. Listen to Rockkoret on Youtube.