GATEWAY TO THE ROUND TOWER – 375 Years of History

08.07.2017 - 20.08.2017
i: Exhibition


History is passing through the Round Tower and has done so since 1642. From 8 July to 20 August 2017 you can explore an abundance of unique stories about the Round Tower when we open its gateway for this summer’s great anniversary exhibition; Gateway to the Round Tower.

The Round Tower was completed in 1642 and 2017 thus marks the 375th anniversary of the first opening of its gateway. Since then, the world, the Universe, our knowledge, symbolism and imagination have been passing through the Round Tower and still does.

Commemorating the anniversary, the Round Tower celebrates itself with an exhibition unfolding both known and unknown stories about the old tower like pearls on a string. Luckily, the Round Tower is full of them. Discoveries have been made here. Institutions have started here. Fairy tales have been told about this inspiring place that unifies the ideas of an entire era in its thick walls. And since 1642, people of all extractions have been flowing through the spiral ramp and have made it sound like a veritable Tower of Babel.

In this summer’s great exhibition, you can re-enter the Round Tower in the beautiful Library Hall and explore the stories that give explanations, reveal contexts and take you by surprise. The exhibition is the climax of a history project in which the Round Tower is unfolding its past on the web page Welcome inside!