GAZE – exhibition by Ida Kvetny

07.02.2019 - 24.02.2019
i: Exhibition

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GAZE – surrealism in the digital age. Exhibition by Ida Kvetny 7 to 24 February 2019.

The Danish artist Ida Kvetny has created a unique solo exhibition and a virtual art experience, consisting of new ceramic works, paintings, paper works, installation and animation.

The exhibition also comprises a site-specific virtual reality work inspired by the Round Tower’s former panorama binoculars. The audience will be able to challenge the law of gravity and experience floating in an inner landscape with recognizable city elements and 3D scanned sculptures.

In Ida Kvetny’s words, the work takes as its starting point “a kind of new psychedelic revolution with references to surrealism and automatic drawing – now as an experience in four dimensions, where you can move freely inside the work”.

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