IDEA – The Design Supermarket

06.06.2018 - 19.06.2018
i: Exhibition

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IDEA – The Design Supermarket is 18 designers from 6 different countries, who show their ironic designs in the Library Hall, 6 – 19 June, 2018.

The IDEA project started as a reflection by designer Niklas Jacob on how, in the past decades, a new phenomenon has risen within the furniture industry with the appearance of big furniture chains who offer a complete line of home items. The biggest of them all is IKEA.

The business concept of IKEA differs from other furniture companies in the way that it is a Design Supermarket. While other furniture manufacturers have showrooms where you can see the products on display and then order and have them delivered subsequently, the IKEA concept is instant;  you simply see the product, pick it off the shelf and take it home with you immediately.

One of the most expensive factors in furniture manufacturing is assembly. IKEA has eliminated that expense by having the consumers assemble the products themselves. The flat pack design also saves space and thus money when it comes to logistics. So where other companies use designers to add value to increase the price of the product, IKEA uses design to be able to sell their products for less.

Niklas Jacob invited fellow designers to reflect on this topic, in an ironic way, creating a flat-pack and do-it-yourself IDEA that you would rarely find in the Design Supermarket.

18 designers from 6 countries show their works in the Round Tower from June 6th to June 19th 2018.

The designers: Angeletti & Ruzza (Italy), Davide Anzalone (Italy), Dodo Arslan (Italy), Dana Avrish (Israel), Manolo Bossi (Italy), Riccardo Diotallevi (Italy), Roberto Giacomucci (Italy), Dov Ganchrow (Israel), Gumdesign (Italy), Raffaele Iannello (Italy), Niklas Jacob (Denmark), Joevelluto (Italy), Raviv Lifshitz (Israel), Daniel Llorca (Spain), MAd.sign (Italy) Hiroshi Ono (Japan), Ely Rozenberg (Israel) and Kay Thoss (Germany).

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