Selected Works on Blindness

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Exhibition by Kristina Steinbock 13 November – 18 November 2018 SELECTED WORKS ON BLINDNESS. The exhibition will consist of films, photos and performances that challenge the common perception of blindness.

Wednesday 14 November 17:00 Official opening 18:00: Performance ’Blind Idioms’ by Søren Høg.

Sunday 18 november 15:00: Tower Talk with performance by Nina Schneidermann

(Exhibition and events are included in normal ticket DKK 25,-)

The representation of blindness tends to focus on a marginalized disabled body with a defect, which rarely is viewed from a sensory bodily experience. How does identity exist in a visually dominated culture? And how can the stigmatization of the body with visual impairment be highlighted in new ways so that information moves sympathy towards empathy and understanding? This exhibition engages with such complexities and challenges common perceptions of those who are visually impaired.

In the exhibition Kristina Steinbock investigates the conception of blindness through cinematic, tactile, photographic, auditive and performative works. The viewer and the blind are bodily present in the world in two different ways. Kristina Steinbock collaborates with blind people to provide insight into a world they are otherwise detached from and try to create openings between the two worlds and break down prejudices.


What is the Sound of a View?

The Round Tower is listed and the listing does not only comprise the building itself but also the special acoustics in the distinctive spiral ramp. But what does the spiral ramp actually sound like if you listen closely? And how different is the experience of the busy pedestrian street at the foot of the tower, the spiral ramp and the sought-after view at the top? Listen to Kristina Steinbock’s podcast, created in connection with the exhibition Selected Works on Blindness in the Round Tower. The podcast is in English.

Cast: Nina Schneidermann and Rasmus Agertoft
Podcast in English

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