The Game of Masks

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Art exhibition 24th January – 22nd February the cross-artistic art exhibition, THE GAME OF MASKS – THREE COUNTRIES, THREE ARTS interprets and muses over the world of human beings and masks.

Visual artists, photographers, poets, musicians and performers unite to explore the concept ACROSS: Genres, Art Forms and Nationality. This approach will give artists and their audience a chance to provoke and let their masks drop, playing with colour and possibilities in this, the month of masquerade.

During January and February, the exhibition event program offers a selection of events, artist talks and concerts. Tickets are sold in the Round tower ticket sale or online (online -only danish credit cards). When showing an event ticket, the Restaurant Alsace offers a 25 % discount on your receipt. 

Exhibition presented / curated by: Benedicte Nordin composer and author.

Mette Ørnstrup & Christina Back. Architects.

Jesper Frederik Emil Hansen, graphic designer, KLAHR design

Participants of the exhibition:

Fine Arts:

Jean-Luc Giraud, Francoise Marbleu (Fr.), Jurate Rekeviciute, Marius Jonutis, Vilmantas Marcinkevicius (Lt.), Knud Steffen Nielsen, Mads Ljungdahl, (Dk.)

Photography, film:

Jens Juul (Dk.), Richardas Rickevicius (Lt.).


Jurate Rekeviciute, Indra Marcinkeviciene, Daiva Urbonaviviuté (Lit.), Lilian Noval, Laura Leth Meilvang (Dk.)

Participants events:


Martin Glaz Serup, Knud Steffen Nielsen, Thomas Lagermand Lundme, Dy Plambech, Jesper Lützhøft, Benedicte Nordin (Dk.), Kestutis Navakas, Neringa Abrutité (Lt.), Christian Prigent, Kestutis Navakas (Lt.)

Presentation, recitation, artist´s talk:

Niels Rosing-Schow, Søren Schauser, Jesper Nordin.


The Muradam Ensemble (Sophie Thing-Simonsen, soprano, Josefine Opsahl, cello, Bjarke Mogensen, accordeon), Mikkel Futtrup, violin, Thomas Sandberg, percussion, Stefan Pasborg, drums (Dk.), Julija Karaliunaté, soprano, Liudas Markunas, saxophone, Petros Geniusas, piano, Ljuba Sergejenko, piano (Lt.), Kristoffer Hyldig, Jesper Nordin, conductor (Dk.)


The Game of Masks 

Or did you see the leaves of sage

Turn into wings against the sun of springtime

And fly away like butterflies

Like owls –

Or maybe like an angel –“

(From “Déguisements”. Benedicte Nordin. 2013)

As human beings, being the directors of our lives, we experience moments of happiness forgetting ourselves. Working with understanding and being understood, with sharpening expression and impression. Blood seeping from our nails, we insist. We insist. And we forget ourselves. Trying to capture the translucent moment of transformation, the nano-second where the statement, the music, the poem, the picture rip off there masks. For a long time having been in the process of being replayed to a state of frenzy, deleted, rewritten, tumbled, seemingly immovable. In the blink of an eye we become time-travellers on the little miracle ship of revelation moving from one state of being to another. Smoothly.

It’s as simple as it’s complicated. No more disguises. The masks have fallen. The last piece of the puzzle has been put into place. But what happens now? A little angel from chaos passes by and in a jiffy turns the box upside-down. Think again!

Off we go. Solving new riddles. Looking for the perfect. Once more, we must go out there meeting the mirrors. Once more we are participating in the game of the masks and its jolly, irresistible dangerous game. Do we know each other? Do we know ourselves? Is the man the mask? Is the mask the man? We know so little about each other. And we know so little about ourselves.

The World is a Stage. True. A stage with innumerable possibilities.

Scary and redeeming.

Like the mask.

Copenhagen the 5. of December 2014.

Benedicte Nordin.