The Tower

Used by the University of Copenhagen until 1861, the Round Tower is Europe’s oldest functioning astronomy observatory. It is now regularly used by amateur astronomers and others who wish to explore the skies. Opening hours and events  More about the Observatory

From the platform, 34.8 m above the street, the visitor has a magnificent view of the old part of Copenhagen. See the 360′ foto, design Marius Anhalt.

The Spiral Ramp is unique in European architecture. The 209 m long spiral ramp winds itself 7,5 times round the hollow core of the tower, forming the only connection between the individual parts of the building complex.




The 900 m² Library Hall was restored in 1987 and now serves as a popular gallery and concert venue. Here you’ll also find the tower’s café and shop. Read more about The Library



The impressive original timbers are still intact and visible in the loft, which also houses the big clock from 1731, as well as many other objects that have stories to tell about the history of the Round Tower and the church.