When August crashed

When he was a choirboy at Trinity Church, August Nielsen and his mates would often sneak off to explore the Round Tower during the pastor’s sermon in the church below. One day, he climbed to the top of the Tower, where there was a room containing tools, firewood – and a hole all the way down to the bottom. August knew about the hole. But, alas, this wasn’t his lucky day, and he fell through it. It was a long way down. August passed out when he landed on the hard floor.
A whole day went by before he was found inside the hollow core of the Tower. Rescuers had to breach the thick walls at the base to reach the boy, who had lost two teeth and scraped his arm in the fall. August, who spent four days recuperating in hospital, was known as “August Roundtower” for the rest of his days.

Photo: August and a younger brother.