Voice Day

i: Special Event


Sunday 8 April 10-17: Voice Day — Workshops, performances, lectures, etc.

For the eighth time the Danish Day of the Voice Association opens the doors to a multi-faceted event in conjunction with the International World Voice Day 16 April.

The members of the association are singers, phoneticians, rhetoricians, laryngologists, logopaedics, storytellers, speakers and other professionals working with voice.

Throughout the tower the public will have the opportunity to explore their own and other people’s voices in many different ways. There will be activities both at the Spiral Ramp, the Library Hall, the Bell Loft, and the Observatory, where you may experience performances, exhibits, informational booths, small workshops, lectures and concerts all day. It will all be presented by enthusiasts and professionals from many different study environments and sectors.

Entrance fee during day hours, 10-17, is only 25 DKK!

Evening Concert

The voice party continues at 19:00, when the Library Hall will host a concert starring Sara Grabow and Mikkel Ploug.

Sara Grabow plays songs from her latest album EneRum (~Solitary Space), which deals with finding her own voice in a career oriented society. Furthermore the audience will be introduced to Sara’s newest concept of ‘Sound Wandering’, and be invited to a common song experiment in the Spiral Ramp. www.saragrabow.dk

In 2012 Mikkel Ploug discovered a ‘harmonic phenomena’ while listening to a reading in a cathedral. Since then he has meticulously explored this link between

language and music by extracting and transcribing harmonic and rhythmic information from speech and thus turning it into music. www.mikkelploug.com

Admission: 100 DKK