#YOUDONTSEETHATINTHECITY – 5,000 photos of sitting cows, beautiful views, and cool characters!

03.06.2016 - 03.07.2016
i: Exhibition


Foto exhibition in the Library Hall 4 June – 3 July 2016 where Danes share trivial and important moments from life outside the town.

For sights so clear
For angles that appear
For what you don’t see in town

You are on your way into a world of stories. Stories about communities and friendships across generations. About childhoods spent in wellingtons and sunshine. About infinite skies and utter darkness. About the odd things that happen when people meet in small communities and vast landscapes. About the fly that lands on the rump of a cow. Since the summer of 2015, we’ve been asking Danes to take photographs of everything they see and experience outside the town and to tag their pictures with #DEtSERDUIKKEIBYEN. Our requests have resulted in more than 10,000 beautiful, funny, moving and telling photographs; photographs with stories.

The photos have now been collated into the exhibition you are about to see. We have been beguiled and impressed by Denmark’s exceptional qualities and potentials seen through the eyes and camera lenses of Danes themselves. We hope that you too will be able to see why, when you step into the room, see the photographs, and imagine all the stories they have to tell.

We hope you enjoy the exhibition and we extend our thanks to all the photographers.


The exhibition showcases photos taken by ordinary people with a small mobile or a big camera. The quality of the printed photos therefore varies but each one of them tells a story. An important one.
The 12 large photographs in the middle of the room have been selected by a jury composed of Knud Romer (author, lecturer), Søren Rønholt (photographer), Janus
Engel (photographer), Kia Hartelius (photographer, sociologist) and the head of the Copenhagen Photo Festival, Maja Dyrehauge Gregersen. The jury has had special focus on the photographic quality of the pictures.

Together with the other photographs in the exhibition, they give an impression of the enormous number of pictures we received.


The #DETSERDUIKKEIBYEN (#YOUDONTSEETHATINTHECITY) project started June 2015 and is organised by Realdania and the art club at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR Kunstklub) in collaboration with Bolius and the Copenhagen Photo Festival.

The aim of the project was to encourage Danes to share trivial and important moments from life outside the town and thereby set focus on their relationship with the more remote parts of Denmark. More than 10,000 pictures were received from throughout Denmark via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and email.


Realdania is a philanthropic association which works to improve the quality of life through the built environment.
The art club at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR Kunstklub) is a nationwide community that carries out interactive art projects on every conceivable platform.