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Open today 10-20
Kat Staub, "Emotional check-in"

Prolonged Exposure

The Library Hall
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Prolonged Exposure

With dialogue as a recurring theme, Karin Hald and a selection of other artists and writers explore how art and conversation hold the potential to heal, provide hope, and restore faith in life.

The exhibition is based on the artist’s own experience as a psychiatric patient. The title refers to the treatment method Prolonged Exposure Therapy, in which the patient tells the story of their trauma repeatedly to process it.

“Prolonged Exposure” deals with the experience of struggling with mental health while also including the importance of friendship and community as well as the perspective of the allies and loved ones.

These allies, primarily visual artists and writers, become co-creators of the exhibition as they contribute their own works in response to Hald’s course of the illness.

Through video, audio recordings, photos, and performance they explore how art and conversation can serve as counterparts to hopelessness and despair, holding the potential to heal and provide hope, comfort and a shared sense of humanity.

Be advised that some of the artworks deal with strong themes, such as violence and sexual assault.

About the artists

Karin Hald is a visual artist and writer, working with performance, text, and writing as materials.

Other contributors of artworks include Tove Storch, Lara Ostan, Liv Nimand Duvå, Louis André Jørgensen, Ragnhild May, Kristoffer Raasted, Trine Struwe, Ditte Holm Bro, Stina Vogt, Axel Burendahl and Niels Munk Plum.

Project Coordinator: Paola Paleari.

“Prolonged Exposure” is initiated by Karin Hald and presented by the Round Tower.

The exhibition opens on May 4th, closing briefly between 16 and 18 due to a special event in the Library Hall.