This year

P.V. Jensen-Klint the Master Builder 

28 January – 12 March

P.V. Jensen-Klint was an uncompromising, multi-talented artist – a new thinker who led the way to breakthroughs in architecture and furniture design.

 Jensen-Klint was not just the man behind some remarkable buildings; he also designed the renowned Le Klint lamp shades. And aside from that, he stood for a considerable amount of furniture production and created a wide range of ceramic and graphic artworks.

More than drawings & models

The Jensen-Klint exhibition forms a detailed picture of his professional life through furniture, ceramics, poster art, book covers and other graphic works. But the nucleus of the exhibit focuses on the architect Jensen-Klint, with neat ink drawings of his houses, public buildings and five churches – most notably, Grundtvigs Kirke in Copenhagen. It also encompasses wooden models, ecclesiastical furnishings and photos by Ole Meyer that reveal new angles of Jensen-Klint’s mastery in building. 

Architect Thomas Bo Jensen arranged the exhibition in collaboration with graphic artist Michael Jensen.