Please Note: The Library Hall is closed until June 22nd due to change of exhibition.

Open today 10-20
The planetarium in the Round Tower's Spiral Ramp

The Planetarium

Let Your Glance Wander Across the Planets

The Round Tower’s planetarium, situated towards the upper end of the Spiral Ramp, shows the planetary positions right now. Let your glance wander from the Sun in the middle over Mercury and Venus to the little white ball depicting Earth.

The planetarium was originally constructed by the Danish astronomer Ole Rømer, when he was the head of the Observatory in the Round Tower. It was severely damaged in the fire of Copenhagen in 1728 and has been restored several times. In 1822 the planetarium was placed in its current vertical location and some 100 years later, a clockwork was connected that is wound up once a week.

The Round Tower's planetarium
Vignette from Picard's