Please Note: Copenhagen Card is no longer valid at the Round Tower. Per April 1st 2024, the tower ceases to be included in the Copenhagen Card.

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The Round Tower's Spiral Ramp

The Spiral Ramp

The Round Tower's Main Thoroughfare

The Spiral Ramp in the Round Tower runs from the entrance in the street of Købmagergade to the stairs leading to the top of the tower. It winds 7½ times around the tower’s hollow core and is the only way to the top. The Spiral Ramp is the main thoroughfare of the Round Tower, giving access to both the Library Hall, the Bell Loft and the hollow core.

It is not least because of the Spiral Ramp that the Round Tower is the perhaps most iconic building not only in Copenhagen, but in Denmark. It is the only one of its kind in a Danish context, inspired by both German Renaissance castles and ancient structures, including the Tower of Babel. Even today, the Spiral Ramp daily swirls of so many different tongues that it is worthy of a Tower of Babel.

Entrance to Kokkenborg
A modern depiction of Peter the Great in the Round Tower
The reconstructed old privy in the Round Tower
The hollow core
The street of Landemærket with the burning Church of Our Lady in the background 1807
The rune stone from Glenstrup at the National Museum of Denmark
The first car trip in the Round Tower with the double door in the background 1902
Inscription from 1904 on one of the windowpanes in the Spiral Ramp
Charity stamp from 1968
The marble tablets in the Round Tower's Spiral Ramp