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View from the Round Tower

The View

The Most Charming View in Copenhagen

From the narrow stone staircase in the hollow core, Copenhagen’s most charming view opens at the top of the Round Tower. Centred by the Observatory, there is a 360-degree view all the way to Sweden. For centuries, the view of the city’s roofs and sights from the top of the Round Tower has been one of Copenhagen’s major attractions.

Caspar Fincke’s lattice surrounding the platform shows the royal cypher of King Christian IV and the initials of his motto, “Regna Firmat Pietas” or “Piety strengthens the realms”. From the platform you can explore the towers of the city and during the summer months, the Top Kiosk is open with ice cream, coffee and souvenirs.

The Round Tower's newly restored kiosk at the top a day in May 2018
From Jens Lauridsen Wolf's
The Lighthouse of Alexandria depicted 1572. Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
From the dramatic climax in the film
Christian IV and Peter the Great in the Spiral Ramp Illustration: Ida Gantriis
The Round Tower in Solvang