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Around the Tower

The Tower of the King

The Round Tower is one of Denmark’s best-known and most visited edifices. The foundation stone was laid on 7/7 1637 and five years later the Round Tower was finished as the first part of the Trinity Complex, which was designed to accommodate three things: the Observatory at the top of the tower, the University Library above the Trinity Church and the church itself below.

The Round Tower is built by King Christian IV, who constructed its round walls in the royal colours yellow and red. The King himself also sketched the famous golden rebus on the front of the tower: Lead, God, the right teachings and justice into the heart of King Christian IV.

Plan of the Round Tower
Map from 1896 with Valby's water tower
Anton Rosen's first plan to move the Round Tower 1898
The Round Tower's golden rebus
The candy-striped walls of the Round Tower
Illustration by Jørn Birkeholm of an yggenyk in front of the Round Tower
The Leaning Tower of Pisa about 1830
The Casino Theatre depicted in 1847-48
In 1944 the 1942 commemorative stamp with the Round Tower was made into a charity stamp