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The Boy Who Disappeared in the Round Tower

Listen to the story about the time the 12-year-old choir boy August Nielsen was playing hide and seek in the tower and suddenly disappeared without a trace.

Duration: 6:17 minutes

Read more about the hollow core of the Round Tower.

Lyt til flere lydfortællinger

Christian IV on his Death Bed

In February 1648 King Christian IV is on his death bed at Rosenborg Castle, a stone’s throw from the Round Tower. Listen to this dramatization based on the royal doctor Otto Sperling’s memoirs.

Duration: 7:16 minutes

A Car on the Spiral Ramp

One Sunday morning in 1902 the German engineer Lorenzen arrived in his auto mobile in front of the Round Tower. He wanted to drive up the tower to demonstrate the powers of this new invention.

Duration: 4:56 minutes

Fire, Flames and Bombs

One October evening in 1728 a fire broke out in Copenhagen and the Round Tower astronomer Peder Horrebow sought refuge in the old tower. That isn’t the only time the thick walls have offered protection.

Duration: 6:56 minutes

A Fairy Tale Tower

Hans Christian Andersen visited the Round Tower right when he came to Copenhagen. He was since allowed to borrow books in the Library Hall, and the tower served as inspiration for several of his works.

Duration: 6:00 minutes