Please Note: Copenhagen Card is no longer valid at the Round Tower. Per April 1st 2024, the tower ceases to be included in the Copenhagen Card.

Open today 10-20

Stargazing from Above

18:00 - 21:00
The Observatory
Included in entry fee

Stargazing from Above

Join our astronomers for a night of star and planet gazing. During the winter months the Observatory is open and manned every Tuesday and Wednesday evening from 18 to 21. No reservation is needed – the visit is included in your entrance ticket.

Used by the University of Copenhagen until 1861, the Round Tower hosts Europe’s oldest functioning observatory at the top. Today, it is open to peek inside year-round and manned on special days by the Round Tower’s astronomers who invite our guests inside to take a look through the refracting telescope with 80-450 x magnification.

The season of stargazing takes place from October to March. Be advised that stargazing is not possible if the sky is overcast. On such days, our astronomers will still keep the Observatory open for visits and will in stead tell you more about the telescope and the oldest functioning Observatory in Europe.

What is visible on the night sky?

Rundetaarn cannot guarantee visible stars or planets if the weather does not permit, but here you can see a prognosis for which stars and planets we should be able to take a look at through the telescope for the rest of the season.


2. jan: Jupiter, Saturn
3. jan: Jupiter, Saturn                                                              
9 jan: Jupiter, Saturn                                                               
10 jan: Jupiter, Saturn                                                             
16 jan: Moon, Jupiter, (Saturn)                                            
17 jan: Moon, Jupiter, (Saturn)  
23 jan: Moon, Jupiter, (Saturn)   
24 jan: Moon, Jupiter, (Saturn)     
30 jan: Jupiter, (Saturn)                   
31 jan: Jupiter, (Saturn)                    


6 feb: Jupiter, (Saturn)                        
7 feb: Jupiter, (Saturn)                       
13 feb: Moon, Jupiter, (Saturn)     
14 feb: Moon, Jupiter                                                           
20 feb: Moon, Jupiter                                                           
21 feb: Moon, Jupiter                                                           
27 feb: Jupiter                                                                           
28 feb: Jupiter                                                                           


5 mar: Jupiter                                                                                                                                
6 mar: Jupiter                                                                            
12 mar: Moon, Jupiter                                                          
13 mar: Moon, Jupiter                                                          
19 mar: Moon, Jupiter                                                          
20 mar: Moon, Jupiter                                                          
26 mar: Jupiter, (Moon)                        
27 mar: Jupiter