Please Note: Copenhagen Card is no longer valid at the Round Tower. Per April 1st 2024, the tower ceases to be included in the Copenhagen Card.

Open today 10-20

For External Partners

Open Call for Exhibitions in 2025 has ended

The Round Tower is currently not accepting further applications for exhibitions in The Library Hall.

The Open Call for 2026 will be announced in June, with application deadline on November 1st.

Once a year, we  encourage artists, designers, architects as well as researchers, facilitators and intermediators of history, astronomy, natural science and the humanities to apply for an exhibition period during our Open Call.

All applications must be approved by the board members of The Round Tower.

Please read the Terms and Conditions for Open Call applications and exhibitions here.

All applications must be sent digitally to our Head of Program including a description of the overall idea and design of the exhibition as well as a justification of why or how the exhibition holds relevance to The Round Tower.

Applications and questions must be sent to:
Ditte Marie Lund
Head of Program

Construction and Design:
Jeppe Sørensen
Exhibiton Technician

The Library Hall Exhibition Venue

The Round Tower offers one of the best exhibition venues and many visitors. Every year, usually eight exhibitions are held that are almost all conceived and produced by external exhibitors and partners. External ideas and initiatives are the foundation for an exciting exhibition programme.

The decision of what exhibitions are to be displayed is made by the Round Tower’s Board. The Round Tower selects exhibitions based on the wish to have a wide range of exhibition themes and genres, preferably different ideas, combining various activities such as workshops, lectures and the like in the Library Hall.

Please be informed, that all potential exhibitors must read the conditions for exhibiting in the Round Tower prior to application.

Download floor plan I 

Philosophy debate at Thales Day feat. Anja Andersen and Vincent Hendrichs.

Cultural Events and Concerts

Cultural events and concerts are held by external partners on special terms and conditions. It is possible for external organizers to hold public concerts, lectures, debates, etc., in the Round Tower outside ordinary opening hours. Permission for events is by written application to the Round Tower, Ditte Marie Lund. The application describes the nature and purpose of the event and the desired manner of the performance.

The Round Tower kindly refers all potential partners to read the conditions before contacting us regarding booking of events.

See conditions for coorporation