The Observatory

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Used by the University of Copenhagen until 1861, the Round Tower is Europe’s oldest functioning astronomy observatory. It is now regularly used by amateur astronomers and others who wish to explore the sky. It is included in the ticket to visit the Observatory.

On top of the Round Tower, there has been several different observatories. The latest is from 1929. The observatory is 6.75 metres high and 6 metres in diameter and contains a refracting telescope with 80–450 x magnification.

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Opening hours:





Tuesday 21.        18-21                  Orion Nebula and Venus

Wednesday 22.       18-21             Orion Nebula and Venus

Tuesday 28.        18-21                  Orion Nebula and Venus


Wednesday 1.         18-21              Orion Nebula and Venus

Tuesday 7.          18-21                  Venus and Moon

Wednesday 8.         18-21             Venus and Moon

Tuesday 14.        18-21                  Orion Nebula and Venus

Wednesday 15.        18-21            Orion Nebula and Venus


Sonday 2.         13-16                  The Sun

Sonday 9.         13-16                  The Sun

Sonday 23.       13-16                  The Sun

Sonday 30.       13-16                  The Sun


Sonday 6.         13-16                  The Sun

Sonday 13.       13-16                  The Sun