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Gizmos and Thingamabobs

The Library Hall
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Gizmos and Thingamabobs

What is a thingamabob? And what are gizmos used for? Discover a whimsical family exhibition, where a purple landscape with sensory, interactive gizmos and thingamabobs invites children to play, dress up, move, and explore.

A mysterious, purple world has emerged in the Library Hall. With purple grass, striped stones, and soft, fuzzy tree trunks. In this realm live peculiar thingamabobs, whose true nature is a mystery. Embark on a quest to discover them among amusing hat thingies that sprout from a green thicket. Or hide away in the glowing orange cave-like structure.

”Gizmos and Thingamabobs” is a humorous, playful, and colorful exhibition created by artist Lærke Bang Barfod. Here, children and their adults are invited into an abstract world of shapes, colors, textures, sounds, and movement where it is perfectly okay to interact with the art – to play, feel, try on and experiment!

Lærke is inspired by the inner world of children and their amazing ability to imagine, play, and invent. Through sensory activities and imaginative staging, children are encouraged to experience and explore the art with both their bodies and their mind.

So take your adults by the hand and journey through the purple landscape together, and invent your own stories about the gizmos and thingamabobs that live here and what they might be used for.

Kids should be accompanied by adults in the exhibition. Please wear the blue shoe covers provided by the Round Tower.

Please note, that the exhibition may be closed for shorter periods on certain days due to special events or concerts in the Library Hall. Check the website before your visit.

On days with many visitors, queuing for the exhibition may occur.

About the Artist

Artist Lærke Bang Barfod works at the intersection of costume and accessory design, scenography, and installation. She draws inspiration particularly from the world of children, her own childhood memories, and nature as an endless source of inspiration for colors, shapes, textures, and compositions.

She creates multi-sensory works primarily in fabric, yarn, foam, and metal, with a background as a clothing craftsman, accessory, and costume designer. This is also evident in the exhibition, where you can experience various imaginative accessories such as gloves, necklaces, and socks.

Other Contributors

Compositions of sounds and music in the exhibition William Kjeldsberg
Dancer Fie Dam Mygind
Dancer Marlene Bonnesen
Choreographer Ida Cathrin Utvik
Production Assistant Alberte Hummelshøj Andersen 
Costume Productions Assistant Frida Bang Barfod

The exhibition is generously supported by Statens Kunstfond, Beckett-fonden, Statens Værksteder for Kunst and Den Ingwersenske Fond.

Please Note that the exhibition might be closed due to special events in the Library Hall for shorter periods of time. Check the website before your visit.