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Jazzhus Montmartre presents: Rosàlia de Souza Quarteto 55º

20:00 - 22:00
The Library Hall
295 DKK + fee. Students will receive a 50% discount at the door.

Jazzhus Montmartre presents: Rosàlia de Souza Quarteto 55º

Allow yourself to be enchanted by Brazilian singer Rosàlia de Souza as she takes you on a musical journey accompanied by the dynamic Danish trio Jonas Johansen, Peter Rosendal, and Graig Earle – as well as the brilliant saxophonist Hans Ulrik. Together, they fill the historic space with tropical rhythms and melodies that will leave a lasting impression. 

Rosalia was introduced to Jonas Johansen in 2017 during a week of concerts at Jazzhus Montmartre, and the two immediately discovered that they were a strong musical match. Since then, the band has played several successful tours with hugely positive reactions at festivals and venues around Denmark and Sweden.  

Rosàlia de Souza is one of today’s most exciting and engaging interpreters of Samba, Bossa Nova and the wider Brazilian musical tradition. In her voice and performance, you feel the essence and sophistication of Rio de Janeiro (her hometown) in the 60s, while her individuality shines through with a modern sensibility and energy. She has worked with some of the biggest names in Brazilian music (Marcos Valle, Toco, Roberto Menescal) at the same time as she has developed close collaboration with some of Europe’s best musicians and has 13 releases under her own name. Rosalia travels all over the world, and the 55º is Copenhagen’s latitude, where this group originates.   
In Denmark, one cannot imagine a more suitable trio for a collaboration with Rosàlia. The master drummer Jonas Johansen is, in addition to being known for decades at the top of the Danish jazz scene, also an expert in the Brazilian music tradition (Eliane Elias and others). Peter Rosendal combines folk, world, and jazz music in a completely unique way, and has both recorded and lived in Brazil for longer periods. Graig Earle is known for his solid virtuoso supporting bass playing with warm sound and rhythmic excess. Together, the 3 musicians living in Denmark have played hundreds of concerts together across a wide range of groups, from Chris Minh Doky Trio to Nancy Harms Quartet, Rosendal.Earle.Templeton, Magnus Thuelund Trio and to Line Kruse’s Groups.   
Hans Ulrik (saxophone). Hans Ulrik is a “special guest” at this special concert. He has played with groups with the group before in a previous constellation and is a perfect fit for both ensemble and style. He is one of the great, tone-setting saxophonists in Scandinavia and Jonas Johansen and him have worked together since the early start of both their careers.   

The doors open at 19:00

The concert starts at 20:00


Rosàlia De Souza – Vocals 

Peter Rosendal – Piano 

Graig Earle – Double Bass 

Jonas Johansen – Drums 

Special Guest: Hans Ulrik – Saxophone