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Open today 10-20

Maxi Reload In Unknown Depth

The Library Hall
Inkluderet i alm. entré

Maxi Reload In Unknown Depth

A sculptural exhibition by artists Clara Black Starck and Kristine Hymøller about society approaching The Fourth Industrial Age.

The Third Industrial Revolution has opened up the digital world to us. But computers and the internet have long been commonplace. Ahead of us awaits the Fourth Industrial Age defined as a total integration between the digital and the physical world – for instance through robots that are going to change the world as we know it.

The exhibition “Maxi Reload in Unknown Depth” is about the love-hate relationship to the age we are living in and the unknown world we are entering. The artists Clara Black Starck and Kristine Hymøller occupy the Round Tower’s Library Hall with sculptures and objects that reflect their ambivalent relationship to innovation, architecture, machines, and technology.

The works of Clara Black Starck and Kristine Hymøller examine the urban infrastructure in a broad sense as a connection and a communication between points of the city, buildings, and people. The works are juxtaposed in order to create a dialogue between the artists’ individual and common interpretation of the persistent acceleration of the Third and Fourth Industrial Ages with the Library Hall as the setting for a narrative about the development of our society.

About the Artists

The works of Clara Black Starck (born 1978) confront the mechanical usage and industry. She is interested in production methods and their reflection in different societies by installing machines that are running their own sequences and thus making the product justify the machine and the production. Clara Black Starck creates a narrative in which infrastructure becomes an anthropological study and society is portrayed as a caricature.

Kristine Hymøller (born 1972) examines the relationship between our own identity and the urban space we move in. She addresses the position we take on the decay of urban space and how renewal is linked to the human need to embellish and retouch. Kristine Hymøller works with architectural models based on urban development and urban transformation, in which buildings and construction meet cosmetics.

The exhibition is kindly supported by

Statens Kunstfond (Danish Arts Foundation)

Rådet for Visuel Kunst (Copenhagen Visual Arts Council)

Konsul George Jorck og Hustru Emma Jorck’s Fond