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Transitions #2

The Library Hall
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Transitions #2

The exhibition and the women’s life festival “Transitions #2” examines and communicates the many transitions of life from a women’s perspective through visual arts, talks, panel discussions, literature, music and performances.

Life is full of transitions: as we grow up, move out of home, start a family, enter the labour market, retire or face illness and loss on our way. It is a universally human condition.

Yet there are biological differences that make specific transitions in girls’ and women’s lives – we menstruate, are pregnant and give birth and often live longer than men. The transitions in women’s lives have been historically and culturally problematic. Through the eyes of the surroundings, the transitions and the woman’s body are often reduced to something shameful, sinful, medically imperfect or inferior.

Women have experienced to be categorized as sick and infirm due to “fluctuations and imbalances”, and instead of strong and vigorous, women have been disparaged as unpredictable and hysterical.

In “Transitions #2”, the transitions in women’s lives are examined through the eyes of girls and women.

Participating Artists in the Group Exhibition
Orsolya Bagala, Camilla Reyman, Elisabeth Toubro, Jeanette Land Schou, Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen, Maria Wæhrens, Mette Kit Jensen, Nanna Lysholt Hansen, Rikke Benborg, Sophie Dupont, Sophie Hjerl, Stense Andrea Lind-Valdan, Ursula Reuter Christiansen, Molly Haslund and Lærke Posselt.

The exhibition is originally curated by Julie Rokkjær Birch, The Women’s Museum, and Sophie Hjerl.

The Project Group Behind the Women’s Life Festival
Lotte Hvas, doctor
Christina Prinds, midwife
Therese Strand Kudajewski, vicar
Sophie Hjerl, artist