Open today 10–20.
Photo: Valerie Collart

Sculpture to Sculpture

The Library Hall
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Sculpture to Sculpture

Sculpture formulates what language cannot say. In the group exhibition “Sculpture to Sculpture”, artists Tina Maria Nielsen, Milena Bonifacini, Carl Emil Jacobsen, Julie Stavad and Valerie Collart pay tribute to the sculpture as something that awakens the senses and examines form and materiality. From papier mache to concrete, from photogravure to bronze castings of a cachalot.

The exhibited works span from the abstract and reference-free to the recognizable and engage in a dialogue with the visitors and the architectural details of the Library Hall that houses the exhibition. Resonating across artistic disciplines are the theories and the dictum of late Danish sculptor Willy Ørskov that the sculpture’s content is sculpture. The title of the exhibition is a loving homage to this practice, which has influenced the exhibiting artists in various ways – consciously or unconsciously.

“Sculpture to Sculpture” is curated by Henriette Noermark.

Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation and L.F. Foghts Fond