Please Note: Copenhagen Card is no longer valid at the Round Tower. Per April 1st 2024, the tower ceases to be included in the Copenhagen Card.

Open today 10-20

Summer holiday in the Round Tower

The Round Tower
Included in entry ticket

Summer holiday in the Round Tower

This summer there will be plenty of opportunity to explore the history of the tower from bottom to top. Take the family on a discovery of the tower and observatory.

Explore the special architecture of Rundetaarn, move up the Spiral Ramp and solve the test card throughout the tower. With a map in hand, chlidren can draw, write and answer questions about the old tower. Please take the map with the 7 adventurous tests right after the ticket sale and please return the pencil afterwards.

View from the Round Tower

On the platform you will find, in addition to the Observatory and a beautiful view of the entire city center, also the almost onehundred-year-old Topkiosk. The kiosk is open at 10-17 most days, and sells a large selection of ice cream, postcards, souvenirs and beverages.

Every Sunday during the school holidays, the Ruond Tower astronomers will guide all guests on a quest out into the middle of our solar system. Hear about the Sun, take a closer look at it through the telescope using a special filter and study the sunspots. The Observatory is manned only between 1pm-4pm and is open for all guests.

Download the app USEEUM and hear stories from the Round Tower in the new audio guide.