Open today 10-20
Press Image. Digital collage: Filip Vest. Original photo: National Museeum of Denmark

The Tryouts

The Library Hall
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The Tryouts

Which narratives do we need in a world that is burning? Filip Vest’s “The Tryouts” is an exhibition about alternative storytelling, activism, and escapism. Through a site-specific installation, film, and performance, the audience follows three interns cleaning up a theater storage room after a fire.

Amidst the burned scenographies and props, the interns attempt to pick up the pieces, creating new images and weaving alternative narratives from the charred, scattered remnants. Simultaneously, they navigate their own existential crises, identities, and the critical state of the world.

The exhibition draws inspiration from the period when the Library Hall served as a workshop for theater painter Carl Lund between 1905 and 1927. It reinterprets Lund’s romantic scenographies and endeavors to use them to tell new stories.

About the artist

Filip Vest works at the intersection of visual arts and performing arts. Through performance, installation, film, and text, Vest explores queer love, storytelling, capitalism, and the various ways we perform identities, roles, and relationships.

The exhibition is supported by Ny Carlsberg Fondet.