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The 3rd Biennale for Artistic Research in Architecture presents contemporary artistic works of architecture from across the world.

Architecture tries to intervene positively in society. It addresses urgent issues and aims to leave the world a better place.

Artistic practice in architecture is not about finding new solutions. It investigates the fundamental conditions for architectural practice through open-ended experiments with architectural drawings and models. It is a crucial part of innovative professional practices and demonstrates its significance when a building suggests a new understanding of architecture and a different way of living. Artistic practice is about asking the right questions in the field of architecture.

The exhibitors have been selected from submissions to an open call addressed to architects working at architecture schools and research institutions across the world. In addition to the selected works, the biennale has invited architectural practices with a strong artistic profile to show their work and further the dialogue between different forms of artistic practice in architecture. It shows how the entirety of the field is necessary to produce relevant answers to current challenges.

During the exhibition period, selected architects are invited to talk about their contribution to the biennale and debates on the role of art in architecture. Children can participate in creative workshops, where we use some of the most basic tools of the profession.

WORKS+WORDS 2022 is kindly supported by the Dreyer Foundation, the Danish Arts Foundation, the Augustinus Foundation and the Aage and Johanne Louis-Hansen Foundation. 

The exhibition is arranged by Christina Capetillo, Peter Bertram og Thomas Harboe and curated by Peter Bertram and Christina Capetillo.

The biennale was held in 2017 and 2019 at the Royal Academy of Architecture, Design and Conservation. The exhibition is also a contribution to and a kick-start of Architecture Year23, where Copenhagen is the capital of architecture and selected as host city by UNESCO.

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