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The Sisters of Cassandra – the painters of the future repeal the curse

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The Sisters of Cassandra – the painters of the future repeal the curse

An art exhibition in the Library Hall of 14 artists with painting as their preferred means of expression.

With the energies that exist around being a female artist in a time and an environment marked by stories about women’s conditions, 15 artist sisters will reinterpret the fate of the Trojan princess Cassandra, based on their personal and professional experiences with truths and consequences, doubt and power. Cassandra was given the gift of prophecy by Apollo in an attempt to win her love, but when she did not reciprocate Apollo’s feelings, he instead cast a curse on her, now no one believed her anymore, even though her predictions were true.

All the artists are connected to the Danish art scene and have education from various international art academies and have painting as their preferred means of expression, but have not previously worked together in this particular constellation. The 15 exhibiting artists are: Agnete Bertram, Ditte Marie Frost, Emily Gernild, Henriette Hellstern, Mie Olise Kjærgaard, Tanja Nis-Hansen, Coline Marotta, Mie Mørkeberg, Marie Rud Rosenzweig, Bolatta Silis-Høegh, Ida Sønder Thorhauge, Anne Torpe, Helene Vestergaard, Anna Walther and Maria Wæhrens.

With this diverse group intertwined, a breeding ground for innovation and nuances in the visual language and on the art scene, in general, has been created. A kind of knowledge-sharing bank with the desire to enlighten, change and create, just as King Christian IV’s Round Tower is built on the same hope for the future.

Henriette Hellstern – curator, initiator, visual artist
Anna Walther – curator, initiator, visual artist
Helle Moalem – initiator, advisor
Natalia Gutman – mediator

The exhibition is supported by:

Group 14

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