All days 10-20
Collage: Winnie Meisler

Easter Holidays in the Spirit of Hans Christian Andersen

During the Easter holidays, the Round Tower celebrates spring with flowers and paper art – quite in the spirit of Hans Christian Andersen.

In the current family exhibition in the Round Tower, “The Fairy-tale Tower”, you can explore seven of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales in beautiful tableaux and words. On this occasion, you can create your very own paper cuttings or flower creature during the Eater holidays.

Make Your Own Flower Creature

Easter holiday workshop on Sunday 10 April at 13-16
Create small flowers from crepe paper or make your own little flower creature with artist Signe Kejlbo. There is an additional fee for materials (50 DKK).

Create Your Own Secret Box

Easter holiday workshop on Wednesday 13 April at 13-16
Using collage technique, you can make your very own poster or a box for all your secret things. The workshop is led by artist Signe Kejlbo. There is an additional fee e for materials (50 DKK).

Online: The Round Tower Christmas Decorations

This Christmas, the Round Tower is closed. That does not mean, however, that you have to do without the old tower in December. How about making your own Christmas decorations with Round Tower motifs?

You can decorate your Christmas tree, your bookshelf or your door frame with the Round Tower, the dog with eyes as big as the tower, yggenyks and motifs you can colour yourself.

Below you will find the decoupage craft sheets – ready to print. If you need a helping hand, you can find it in the videos.

Enjoy – and Merry Christmas from the Round Tower!

Ready to Print (with Danish Text)

The Round Tower for the Christmas tree (large)

The Round Tower for the Christmas tree (small)

Cut-out Round Tower

Cut-out dog with eyes as big as the Round Tower

Cut-out yggenyk

Cut-out colouring animals I

Cut-out colouring animals II

Cut-out colouring animals III

Cut-out colouring crown I

Cut-out colouring crown II

Watch the Videos (with Danish Text)

The Round Tower for the Christmas tree (large)
Cut-out Round Tower
Cut-out yggenyk
Cut-out colouring crown I

Cancelled: World Voice Day

The World Voice Day was established on April 16th in 1999 with the main goals of increasing public awareness of the importance of the voice and alertness to voice problems.

In Denmark, professionals from different associations established a work group in 2005, dedicated to arrange events to mark the World Voice Day.

In 2020, Saturday September 19th the Round Tower will be full of events to celebrate the voice and all is included in normal entry.

Foto: Jens Lindhe

Holiday Opening Hours

During the Christmas holidays from Saturday 18 December, we have special opening hours in the Round Tower.

All days 10-18, Tuesdays and Wednesdays 10-21
24 and 25 December: CLOSED
31 December: 10-15
1 January: CLOSED

The current exhibition in the Library Hall “Maxi Reload” is open during all hours.

The Observatory
The Observatory is manned during the holidays on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 18-21 on the 21st, 22nd, 28th and 29th December 2021.

Foto: NASA

How do we return to the Moon?

Debate event in the Round Tower Library Hall, feat. the Danish astronaut Andreas Mogensen, John Horack (Neil Armstrong Chair in Aerospace Policy, The Ohio State University),  Emily Law (NASA JPL).

How can we return to the Moon? This is being discussed around the globe by national space agencies. Will it happen in cooperation or in competition, and how can Man even live in space? What have we learned from the Apollo Mission and what holds the future?

The panel debate is part of Space Days 2019, focusing on the Moon. The exhibition arranged by the Danish Astronautical Society “Around the Moon” is also open during the event.

Organizer: Danish Astronautical Society in collaboration with IDA Space and Rundetaarn. Andreas Mogensen’s participation is made possible in collabotation with ESA and Ministry of Higher Education and Science.

Finnisage and Concert

Reception and concert to mark the publication of “A Play, A Tale” catalogue

In addition to giving the possibility to buy the publication, the event also shows all the exhibits from the two recent children’s painting and sculpture workshops. The event is open for all guests.


Ydegirl is formed by the Danish singer Andrea Novel inspired by R&B and chamber music. Besides singer Andrea Novel, Ydegirl consists of Cæcilie Trier (cello), Thea Thorborg (violin), Asger Valentin (guitar) and Emil Elg (bass).

Culture Night 2019

For more than 26 years, Culture Night has been one of Copenhagen’s most well-attended cultural events. When the schools begin their autumn holiday the association Kulturnatten (Culture Night) creates a festive evening with the entire cultural life of the city working together to create joy and inspiration for all of us.

In the Round Tower, a special “Moon theme” event programme will mark the 50th anniversary for the first manned mission to the Moon.

Space Travel from the Round Tower

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, this year’s Culture Night in the Round Tower is devoted to the Moon. The exhibition ”Around the Moon” is accompanied by space hits on a grand piano and the big children’s activity is an astronaut test made in collaboration with the Danish Astronautical Society. Europe’s oldest functioning observatory at the top of the tower is open and manned. At 23 there will be a concert with the Danish electronic composer Sofie Birch in the Library Hall.

Late Night Concert with composer Sofie Birch.

At this year’s Culture Night we are looking forward to presenting the Danish electronic composer and sound artist Sofie Birch. With a soundscape of strings, chimes, soft vocals, birds and a lingering synth line she paves her way through organic symphonies. Her work can be compared to that of a collagist, assembling her influences into dreamy yet coherent compositions. Her sound complements our theme of the night with its exploring nature.

Light Travel in Space

2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the first humans landing on the Moon. For this reason, you can travel further into space at the Trinity Church Square right next to the Round Tower. In a 12-metre-long light installation made by Vertigo you can have unique visual experiences according to your movements. The installation is made up of LED light bars shining 360 degrees and is complemented by sound from 24 speakers that, like the light, can move dynamically.

Expect queues to the Tower platform and Observatory. For security reasons, no access with baby strollers.

More about Culture Night