All days 10-20

Summer holiday in the Round Tower

This summer there will be plenty of opportunity to explore the history of the tower from bottom to top. Take the family on a discovery of the tower and observatory.

Explore the special architecture of Rundetaarn, move up the Spiral Ramp and solve the test card throughout the tower. With a map in hand, chlidren can draw, write and answer questions about the old tower. Please take the map with the 7 adventurous tests right after the ticket sale and please return the pencil afterwards.

View from the Round Tower

On the platform you will find, in addition to the Observatory and a beautiful view of the entire city center, also the almost onehundred-year-old Topkiosk. The kiosk is open at 10-17 most days, and sells a large selection of ice cream, postcards, souvenirs and beverages.

Every Sunday during the school holidays, the Ruond Tower astronomers will guide all guests on a quest out into the middle of our solar system. Hear about the Sun, take a closer look at it through the telescope using a special filter and study the sunspots. The Observatory is manned only between 1pm-4pm and is open for all guests.

Download the app USEEUM and hear stories from the Round Tower in the new audio guide.

The Fairy-tale Tower

Children and adults can experience Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy-tale universe in the Library Hall where the world of books inspired the Danish writer.

Hans Christian Andersen visited the Round Tower as one of the first things when he arrived in Copenhagen as a young man. Since then, he returned to the tower time and time again in his writings. The fairy-tale tower appealed to the fairy-tale writer above them all. How could it not be so?

From February to April, children and adults can enter Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy-tale universe, as the Round Tower tells a number of his most imaginative stories in tableaux and words. Experience scenes from seven fairy tales that you know or think you know – or do not know yet. The exhibition is inspired by Victorian paper peepshows where the curious audience could explore small worlds of great beauty and a wealth of ideas.

The centre of the exhibition is a large circus tent from which you can peep into the fairy-tale scenes and try to guess which fairy tale they depict. In which fairy tale do you meet the dreamy umbrellas? And where do the flowers go to the ball at night?

The exhibition is located in the Library Hall that once contained the University Library’s tens of thousands of volumes. This is where the young Hans Christian Andersen was inspired by the worlds of imagination in the books. In one of his poems he even lets the books jump off the shelves and throw themselves into a festive dance!

The exhibition is created by Round Tower in collaboration with selected artists.

Summer Holidays with the Round Tower’s Animals

The dog, the snail, the horse and all the others. During the summer holidays, the Round Tower is full of animals connected with the tower’s history. But the animals are hiding in the Spiral Ramp, so you have to keep your eyes open.

The history of the Round Tower is also the history of its animals. There is the dog with eyes as big as the Round Tower from a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. There is the horse that carried the Russian tsar to the top of the tower, the spider that moved into the telescope of the stargazers in the Observatory and many others.

During the summer holidays, you can go searching for the animals on the window panes in the Spiral Ramp and get to know much more about them and the history of the Round Tower as you fill your animal map with stickers.

If it is a long way to the top for short legs, the animals will help to shorten the ascent. Learn more about the Round Tower in a different way – it is free when the entrance to the tower is paid.

You can also click and read more about the Round Tower’s animals

Cancelled: Christmas with the Yggenyks

The yggenyks are back!

Many year ago the small three-legged creatures stole the Round Tower. Luckily they put it back where it belongs, when they got a sackful of their favourite cookies. But once again they have sneaked into the old tower – and this time they are wearing Christmas hats.

Throughout the Christmas month, children and their adults can explore the tower, find the five places with yggenyks wearing Christmas hats and count the total amount.

Christmas Workshop

On the Saturdays leading up to Christmas, you can cut out your own yggenyk and make decorations for the Christmas tree.

You can also try making your own badges with yggenyks, motifs from the Round Tower – or whatever you come up with. The price is 20 DKK for two badges. The rest of the workshop is included in the entrance ticket.

The first Christmas workshop takes place as part of our Family Day on Saturday 28 November from 13.30 to 16.00. On the following Saturdays – 5 December, 12 December and 19 December – the workshops take place from 13.00 to 16.00.

Bring Home Your Own Yggenyk

The Round Tower is the only place in the world, where you can buy the yggenyk soft toy. Funny to look at and soft to cuddle. For sale in our shop in the Library Hall.

Double Happiness Workshop

Join us for a workshop for children in the exhibition “Double Happiness”.

Inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s mix of styles, the exhibition “Double Happiness” draws the fairy tale writer’s thinking into the present and links his paper cuts to street art, music and Chinese philosophy.

In this workshop, you can meet the two dancers Malthe Ørsted Buch-Hansen and Ibrahim F. Madsen, who will guide you through the exhibition and the two thousand years old papercut tradition. Learn their geometric dance moves and turn them into paper cuts afterwards.

Workshops both days at 10, 12 and 14
Duration: 1 hour

The Round Tower for Children

During the month of February, we have a special programme for children and their families.

History is passing through the Round Tower and the animals are passing through the stories. That is why we tell the old tower’s history through the animals that are connected to it.

You can meet the dog with eyes as big as the Round Tower guarding a treasure of gold coins. You can hear about all the feathers that military men and fine ladies could buy in the Round Tower in order to adorn themselves. And you can get the story of the small three-legged birds that stole the Round Tower but fortunately put it back in place.

Treasure hunting, theatre and workshops
From Saturday 1 February to Sunday 23 February 2020, children and their adults can experience a variety of stories as the Round Tower opens the gate for treasure hunting, theatre, workshops and more.

Explore the Spiral Ramp, experience Hans Christian Andersen’s famous fairy tale “The Tinderbox” in the Library Hall in a brand new puppet theatre version by Janne Kjærsgaard and let your creativity unfold in hobbyhorses.

Illustrated by Pernille Bækholm Sloth

The Little Culture Night

In 2019, the first Culture Night dedicated for children (Little Culture Night) took place in Copenhagen. Many museums and cultural institutions opened for a night of children’s activities.

See how it went in the Round Tower, where children met the charachters Tycho Brahe, Ole Rømer and an alien, all with their own version of the Solar System. Last stop for the children was to build a little solar system mobile to take home and finally, the Observatory was open for visitors and manned by our astronomers.

Visit the Round Tower on the Little Culture Night next year, when the tower once again opens its doors to children looking for historical adventures.

The Little Culture Night 2019 in the Round Tower.